Artist film showing my processes and inspirations. Directed by Fern Scott of Great Scott Films.

 Jo’s Work

'I am interested in what is at the core of human experience, what connects all humans from our very earliest ancestors. I am looking for what is permanent, what connects all life. The magic that is hidden within the prosaic.

I work with ceramics, wood, photography, found materials and the written word, to draw into existence the magic that exists just behind the every day..

Clay is the very stuff of life. It is part of the soil, the living, breathing skin of our world. Creation myths describe life being literally embodied in clay before being imbued with the spark of life. Each clay has forms and shapes it leans towards, and I aim to express not only its inherent nature, but to give life to the material, to distil complex ideas into the simplest of forms.

I like to get hands on with materials, using techniques such as carving, scraping, daubing, painting and assembling. My making is in itself a type of meditative practice.

I rely on the sense of touch as well as sight, expecting people to hold or touch the work. I am after direct communication from hand to hand.

At a time when we feel increasingly disconnected from the earth, a time when our planet’s living web is under attack from industry, war, greed and carelessness, our Earth needs us to connect more than ever. I aim to make art that facilitates that connection, plugging us back in to our place in the sacred, living Earth.’


Originally from Cork in the Irish Republic, Jo trained at Chelsea School of Art and Brighton University where she received a BA (Hons) in 3D Design (Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics).

Jo Heckett is a visual artist working mainly in ceramics, exploring concepts such as mythological archetypes, Paganism, and themes of science and magic, all languages that aim to describe the indescribable. 

She also uses photography, collage, the written word, journal work and mixed media to further investigate ideas.

She has a background in healing and meditation and draws on her own experience of the natural world, and a fascination with the earliest people.

For thirteen years, while her children were growing up, Jo ran her porcelain design business from her studio at Cockpit Arts in London. In 2015 Jo closed down her business, took a sabbatical and reconnected with her fine art practice.

Jo has an MA in Therapeutic Bodywork from Westminster University.